Torta di Noci

January Seasonal Plates

Zuppa Buon Anno— “Happy New Year soup” - Our most popular soup that we have been preparing every January since 2013, combines the New Year’s culinary traditions of Italy and the American south that represent health and prosperity. This hearty and delicious soup consists of caramelized carrots, onions, and fennel, spicy homemade pork sausage, savoy cabbage, pancetta, tomatoes, and lentils and black eyed peas cooked with prosciutto, and rich meat & poultry bone broth.

teal dog pawteal dog paw Special Seasonal Dessert benefitting Rescued Pets Movement
Torta di Noci: Cioccolato, e Caffé - flourless (gluten-free) chocolate walnut cake flavored with espresso, cinnamon, and vanilla. The torta is topped with ganache, sprinkled with toasted walnut grounds, and drizzled with espresso caramel sauce.